Switch to Quaker State® high mileage, synthetic blend, or full synthetic motor oil “specialty motor oil” at 100,000 miles or less and you may be eligible to receive $3,000 cash back*

Quaker State: 10 years or 300,000 miles warranty

Nothing’s more important to your vehicle than durability. And that’s what you get in every Quaker State® motor oil. We offer up to 300,000 miles or 10 years (whichever is first) if you exclusively use Quaker State® motor oil products (i.e., Quaker State® motor oil, Quaker State® Synthetic, Quaker State® High Mileage, Quaker State® Full Synthetic).

How The Quaker State Lubrication Limited Warranty and Cash Back Program Work Together:

The free Quaker State Lubrication Limited Warranty covers 15 critical engine parts for 10 years or 300,000 miles from your first qualifying oil change. In other words, for the first 10 years or 300,000 miles of your car’s life (whichever comes first), you’re covered. But that’s just the beginning. If you haven’t reached 300,000 miles within those first 10 years, you have until your car is 20 years old to cash in on the bonus. That’s right, reach 300,000 miles before your car is 20 years old using eligible Quaker State® motor oils and we’ll give you a check for the Kelley Blue Book® trade-in value of your car—up to $3,000! AND you keep your car. See terms and conditions for full details. And best of all, it’s fully transferable. So let’s say somewhere along the way you decide to sell your car. As long as the new owners continue to comply with the program, they’re still eligible for the engine warranty AND the bonus.

If You’re Already Enrolled in the Warranty Program:

If you are an existing Quaker State® motor oil customer registered for the Quaker State Lubrication Limited Warranty program before June 1, 2011, you are eligible for our Grandfather Clause which means you have the opportunity to be eligible for the Cash Back program regardless of which type of Quaker State® motor oil you use.

What the Quaker State Lubrication Limited Warranty Covers:

You’re covered up to 300,000 miles or 10 years (whichever is first) if you exclusively use Quaker State® motor oil products. If you ever have a warranty related claim, the value of the claim is limited to $5,000 U.S. or the actual cash value of the eligible vehicle, whichever is less. This warranty protects 15 key engine parts, such as pistons, valve stems, camshafts and timing chains.

Qualification Requirements of the Lubrication Limited Warranty:

  • Get an oil change with Quaker State® motor oil and if your engine has 75,000 miles or less, you can enroll in the free Quaker State Lubrication Limited Warranty.
  • The Quaker State Lubrication Limited Warranty takes effect 6 months after your first eligible purchase of Quaker State® motor oil.
  • Use only Quaker State® motor oil products: Quaker State® motor oil, Quaker State® Synthetic Blend and Quaker State® High Mileage at every oil change.

Maintaining the Lubrication Limited Warranty:

  • Some warranties make you change your oil every 3,000 miles in order to maintain coverage. Our warranty is different. As long as you follow your vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines for oil changes (it’s in your owner’s manual), and use an eligible Quaker State® motor oil, you’re in compliance with the warranty. We don’t force you to change your oil more frequently than is absolutely necessary.
  • Replace the air filter and air cleaner elements, maintain the emission control system and follow scheduled engine maintenance in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Update your oil change records at least once every 12 months on the Quaker State Lubrication Limited Warranty website, even if no oil change has taken place.
  • Save all service receipts in order to be eligible for reimbursement.

How to Enroll:

See detailed terms and conditions and sign up now.

Quaker State Cash Back Bonus once you hit 300,000 miles

How the Cash Back Program Works:

The Cash Back Program is open to Quaker State® motor oil customers who are eligible for and have registered to participate in the Quaker State Lubrication Limited Warranty program. To qualify for the Cash Back Program, you must use one or more of the following eligible Quaker State® motor oil products starting no later than when your vehicle reaches 100,000 miles:

  • Quaker State® High Mileage
  • Quaker State® Full Synthetic 

Then, once you reach 300,000 miles before your car is 20 years old, we’ll give you the Kelley Blue Book® trade-in value of your car in cash—up to $3,000. And you keep your car!

How Vehicle Values Are Determined:

The amount of your bonus will equal the “Trade In–Good Condition” value of your vehicle on Kelley Blue Book®at the time all required documentation for your claim is received, up to a maximum of $3,000 U.S.