Chef Aarón Sánchez



Chef Aarón Sánchez is an award-winning chef, TV personality, author, and philanthropist. You may recognize him from his work as a judge on FOX’s hit culinary competition series “MasterChef” and “MasterChef Junior” or as the host on Discovery’s “El Sabor de Aarón”.

Chef Aarón is not only an expert at selecting the best ingredients in his kitchen, but also when it comes to his cars. It is no wonder that he trusts Quaker State motor oil to protect his vehicle’s engine. Whether driving to his restaurant, Johnny Sánchez, hitting the highway for a Sunday cruise, or taking a cross-country road trip, Chef Aarón knows that Quaker State motor oil energizes your engine.

In the Latino community, many share a passion for cuisine and cars. Quaker State and Chef Aarón recently teamed up to showcase this natural connection by road tripping across the southern United States in pursuit of tasting authentic Latin cuisines from different cities and countries. He kicked off his culinary road trip in Atlanta with his friend and chef Hector Santiago who owns El Super Pan to taste some Puerto Rican delicacies.

QUAKER STATE Transcript— Aarón Sánchez/Quaker State Culinary Road Trip - Atlanta

[Title] Aarón Sánchez/Quaker State Culinary Road Trip - Atlanta

Description: We had to kick off our culinary road trip with Chef Aarón Sánchez in our favorite city! Chef Aarón cruised over to El Super Pan at Ponce City Market to try Top Chef Hector Santiago’s Puerto Rican inspired Latin cuisine, including a traditional Mofongo. With Quaker State under the hood, Chef Aarón spends less time worrying about his vehicle on the road and more time celebrating Latino culture and cuisine! Thank you Atlanta 🚗On to the next…

[Background music featuring guitar plays] Aarón Sánchez in front of Ponce City Market, standing next to a white Chevrolet Silverado.

Aarón: ¡Hola mi gente! I am here at Ponce City Market in Atlanta, and I am super excited because I’m going on this Culinary Road Trip with Quaker State. I am hooking up with an old friend, Chef Hector, at El Super Pan. Acompañame.

[In vision]

[Background music plays] Aarón is inside Ponce City Market dancing. Camera switches, showing the El Super Pan menu. Chef Hector completes the garnish on a dish in the kitchen and displays the completed dish to the camera.

[In vision]

[Background music continues] Aarón and Hector are standing behind a counter at El Super Pan, Aarón holding the completed dish.

Aarón: Alright so I can’t wait to get into this, Chef. It has been a minute since I’ve had a beautiful Mofongo, and I can already tell…

[In vision] Aarón puts his fork into the dish and begins to pick some up on the fork.

Aarón: …this is a beautiful Mofongo. It should not be hard, it should be soft like that; break up and have all of these beautiful little textures. And the fact that he put cilantro in it, is going to add another layer of flavor!

[In vision] Aarón takes a bite of the Mofongo and nods in approval. Music continues, and Aarón and Hector talk over the meal inaudibly.

[In vision] Aarón is outside of Ponce City Market and is standing next to his Chevrolet Silverado. His driver’s side door is open as he prepares to get in.

Aarón: Atlanta was super rico! Thanks so much, Super Pan in the house! But now, it’s time to continue this Culinary Road Trip to my hometown, New Orleans. I’ll see you there.

[In vision] Aarón hops in the driver’s seat of the Silverado.

[Guitar background music fades]

Over the next few months, Chef Aarón will venture to multiple Latin American cuisine hot spots across the southern United States on his culinary road trip.

Make sure to follow both Chef Aarón and Quaker State on Instagram to join the road trip and witness Chef Aarón as he experiences cuisines from Mexico, Honduras, and more!