JULY 13, 2016

Try to remember the last motor oil commercial you saw. Having trouble? Odds are it probably looked like a lot of the others you’ve already forgotten about. That’s the problem with companies and motor oil marketing these days. It’s all the same. Take a sexy model or famous spokesperson. Add in some claims about how great the product is under some sort of outlandish driving condition. Use a handful of computer-generated visuals showing how an engine’s pistons move up and down. Sprinkle in a few buzzwords. Maybe use an explosion or two–heck those are always cool–and boom! There’s the ad.

At Quaker State, we teamed up with the folks at MoFilm.com to go a different route –down a road that bypasses all of those fancy pants and frankly overplayed tactics–to make a few new spots of our own. We channeled our frustration with the world of motor oil marketing and made a few commercials that really hammer home our belief that motor oil doesn’t have to be sexy to sell. It just needs to be hardworking where it counts. Your engine.