Think of all the useful green things in your life: Dollar bills, street signs, leprechauns (depending on their mood) … you get the picture.

Now add one more to the list – Quaker State motor oil. Because we’re making our entire line of bottles green.  

Why? Because we look better in green. Anyway, it’s what’s on the inside that counts – which is why we haven’t changed a drop, just the color of the bottle.


So what’s the deal with these new bottles?

We’re all about keeping it simple at Quaker State, so now all of our bottles are the same color—green. So things don’t get confusing, each bottles’ label and cap is unique to its corresponding motor oil. 

Does Quaker State still offer full synthetic?

You betcha. To find Quaker State Ultimate Durability Full Synthetic motor oil, just look for the green bottle with a gold label and gold cap.

If Quaker State Ultimate Durability is in a green bottle, does that mean it’s the same as Quaker State Advanced Durability?

Nope! Quaker State Ultimate Durability will remain a full synthetic motor oil and Quaker State Advanced Durability will remain a conventional motor oil. They just wear semi-matching outfits.

To make sure you’re getting Quaker State Ultimate Durability Full Synthetic motor oil, check the bottle for a gold label and gold cap.

What happened to Quaker State Defy? My engine has 80,000 miles and I need high mileage motor oil.

Quaker State Defy High Mileage motor oil is now called Quaker State High Mileage motor oil. Rest assured, the product is the same, just a shorter name!

To find Quaker State High Mileage motor oil, look for the all green-bottle with the red label and red cap.

What’s different about the oil?

Absolutely nothing. We’ve updated the look of our packaging – not the formulation inside. It’s the same reliable oil, just in a new green bottle.

How does the Quaker State packaging change help me?

To streamline your shopping experience, Quaker State has added a product comparison chart to the back labels of the new multi-quart bottles to make it easy to select the right Quaker State motor oil for your vehicle.

The new aesthetics are pretty cool, but in addition to being green, the new Quaker State bottles feature an improved heavy duty cap, optimized ergonomics for easy pouring and handling, clear tiering across portfolio with color codes caps and labels, and prominent placement of viscosity grade to aid in navigation.