Daniel Suarez has always loved the thrill of competition. While growing up in Mexico, being a race car driver wasn’t something he imagined for himself, but today, he is recognized as one of the top competitors in NASCAR.

Daniel’s racing career began in the early 2000s when he competed in the NASCAR Mexico Series before moving on to the US ARCA Menards Series and eventually to the NASCAR Xfinity Series. Now, you can find him competing in the NASCAR Cup Series with Trackhouse Racing. After competing in several racing series and having numerous career accomplishments, Daniel is no stranger to success.

In 2016, Daniel became the first Mexican-born driver to win a major NASCAR National Series championship, claiming the title of NASCAR Xfinity Series Champion. Nearly six years later, in 2022, he secured the first-place position at the Toyota/Save Mart 350 at Sonoma Raceway, becoming the first Mexican-born driver to win a NASCAR Cup Series race.

Quaker State sat down with Daniel Suarez to discuss how he got his start in motorsports, ways that he’s championing NASCAR in the Latino community, and what joining the Quaker State motorsports family means to him.

QUAKER STATE: When did you know you wanted to become a race car driver?

SUAREZ: I started racing when I was 11. While I was racing for fun at the time, I was still very competitive. When I was about 14, my father asked me if I wanted to be a professional race car driver, and although I had already thought that I was, apparently, I wasn’t! That was the day that really changed my life because I decided to pursue a career in racing.

QUAKER STATE: Who were your role models in the industry?

SUAREZ: It’s difficult to pick a role model because I never thought I was going to become a professional race car driver. I used to see NASCAR as something very far away, but once I started to see the goal a little closer and I moved to the United States, it became more realistic. Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson were two drivers that I followed very closely because it was always a dream to learn from them and race against them.

QUAKER STATE: How does it feel to join the Quaker State motorsports family?

SUAREZ: Growing up in Mexico, Quaker State was a brand that I saw in every mechanic shop, so it is very special to be a part of this brand that I’ve recognized from such a young age. When I first became a racing fan, I rooted for Adrián Fernández, a Mexican race car driver, specifically because he had that famous green Quaker State paint scheme.

QUAKER STATE: What is one word to describe your Quaker State paint scheme?

SUAREZ: Cool. It is one of the coolest paint schemes out there. I especially like how the gold chrome pops out along with the green.

QUAKER STATE: What is the best way to celebrate a race win?

SUAREZ: With friends, family, a very cold Mexican Coca-Cola, and some tacos.

QUAKER STATE: Can you share more about how you champion NASCAR in the Latino community?

SUAREZ: While the Latino community continues to grow in the United States, more and more sports and larger companies are slowly recognizing the value that the community brings to their brands. To be the face of the Latino community in a sport like NASCAR is something that I feel very fortunate to be able to do, and I try to represent them in the best way possible at every chance that I get.

QUAKER STATE: What does it mean to you to have Quaker State in the engine of the #99?

SUAREZ: Besides being an amazing brand, especially in Mexico, Quaker State is by far the most iconic motor oil brand. When it comes to performance, it’s extremely strong. To have it inside the engine is very special. Now, we’re working very closely with Quaker State to help make engines stronger, more reliable, and faster.

QUAKER STATE: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

SUAREZ: The opportunity to compete every single weekend. I love competition and am extremely competitive, so I wouldn’t change the opportunity to compete for anything.

QUAKER STATE: Do you have any advice for aspiring drivers?

SUAREZ: Work hard and surround yourself with good people. It’s not easy to compete at the same level every single weekend, but working hard and having good discipline is a recipe for success.

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