Quaker State Ultimate Multi-Vehicle ATF

Premium performance, synthetic technology fluid is designed to meet the needs of multiple vehicle types for automatic transmission service. Quaker State® Ultimate Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF provides consistent, reliable, smooth and trouble free operation of automotive transmission systems while resisting oil degradation to keep automatic transmissions clean.

Quaker State® Ultimate Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF meets the needs of many Asian and North American designed automatic transmissions.

Based on the requirements of higher viscosity automatic transmission fluid generally used in older generation transmission designs such as 2005 and earlier General Motors, Ford 2009 and earlier transmissions using Ford MERCON® or MERCON® V ATF, or transmissions that can use JASO M315 1-A/2-A level performance for service fill.

Quaker State® Ultimate Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF meets the performance requirements across a broad range of automatic transmission applications in order to be suitable for service fill in multiple designs. It offers excellent performance in viscosity retention (shear stability), oxidation and deposit control, and maintaining friction characteristics to help provide transmission protection and shift performance.