Quaker State® Advanced DurabilityTM conquers its toughest test yet: 804,000 kilometers in New York City taxis.

We put our oil to the test in the lab, but to see if it can stand up to the rigors of the road we tested it in a fleet of New York City cabs. Few vehicles rack up more kilometers than taxis, making them one of the toughest tests of Quaker State® Advanced DurabilityTM.

It only took six years for the first taxi we tested to reach 804,000 kilometers. After half-a-million miles in stop-and-go New York traffic, we disassembled the engine to take a look at its valve-train, pistons and cylinders.

The result? Quaker State® Advanced DurabilityTM motor oil offered double the wear protection of industry standards, maintained viscosity for optimal protection and protected against corrosion. Quaker State® Advanced DurabilityTM provides the protection to withstand the 24/7 wear and tear of the City That Never Sleeps.