JULY 8, 2016

Can you believe that some companies use high-tech virtual reality simulations, explosions, catchy jingles, or silly gadgets to help market their products? In the end, you’re paying for all extra junk when you pick up a quart at your local auto parts store–not the product itself.

At Quaker State, we’re not about fancy marketing schemes and ploys to help sell our motor oil. We focus on making a quality product for a reasonable price that helps keep your engine running strong for years and years without all added the bells and whistles of a high-priced marketing campaign. Quaker State motor oil doesn’t need half a million dollars in advertising to get an engine to half a million miles. We ditched all the fluff and just stayed tough.

The folks over at The Onion's branded content team also have a healthy hatred for over-the-top marketing. So we decided to link up and really show just how far some companies go to sell you a bottle of motor oil. Because you don’t need a dipstick complete with a news ticker and selfie stick. All you need is Just Damn Good Oil.