Wear Protection Test

Used Quaker State ® Sequence IVA (ASTM D6891)

Wear Protection Test

Wear Protection Test, Used Quaker State passes Sequence IVA (ASTM D6891)

The Sequence IVA (ASTM D6891) test, which is part of the ILSAC GF-4 standard for Passenger Car Motor Oils (PCMOs), is the only industry test for wear protection. It involves running the test oil in a standard overhead cam engine for 100 hours, then measuring every cam lobe with a device called a “profilometer” to evaluate wear invisible to the naked eye. In an overhead cam engine, the valve deck is usually the last area to be lubricated at startup because it is furthest from the oil pan and is in any event one of the most critical areas for wear protection due to the very high pressures the cam lobes exert on spring-loaded valvetrain components. The used Quaker State® SAE 5W-30 that was tested after it had run for thousands of miles in New York City taxis was so durable that it still provided wear protection that surpassed the Sequence IVA standard for brand-new oil—even when it was ready to be replaced.


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