We tested our oil after thousands of miles

In New York City taxis...

Quaker State Used Oil Story


Most companies test their oil before it goes in the bottle. At Quaker State®, we wanted to know how well our motor oil performs at the end of an oil change, after thousands of miles of real-world torture. So we put Quaker State in hard-working New York City taxis, turned them loose and the punishment began.

Then we took that used oil straight out of the taxis, sent a collective sample to the lab and subjected it to the same industry tests used to evaluate brand-new oil. And guess what? Even when it was ready to be replaced, used Quaker State still passed critical industry tests for wear protection, rust protection and viscosity.*

Used Quaker State passes these tests for brand-new oil:

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Click on each test to learn more.

*Viscosity test ASTM D445; wear test Sequence IVA; rust test ASTM D6557. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for oil change intervals.

Quaker State Motor Oil