About Quaker State®

About Quaker State

Quaker State® is a world leader in motor oil and car care products. Quaker State products are marketed in over 45 countries.


• Quaker State Corporation was created in 1931 by a consolidation of 19 companies.
• In 1998, Quaker State Corporation was merged with Pennzoil Company's marketing, manufacturing and fast oil change businesses to form Pennzoil-Quaker State® Company, a worldwide leader in consumer automotive products and vehicle care.
• In 2002, the acquisition of Pennzoil-Quaker State Company by Shell Oil Company, an affiliate of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies (now Royal Dutch Shell plc), was completed.
• In 2003, Pennzoil-Quaker State Company began doing business as SOPUS Products.

Quaker State is also affiliated with Jiffy Lube® International, Inc. JLI is the largest franchising organization in the rapidly expanding fast lube industry.

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About Quaker State®